Sunday, 19 October 2008

Just having 5 mins

Just got back from helping my sister, Beverly. She has a small farm on the A1 (Hertfordshire) which has a tea room, she has been very busy there today and I have been at a farmers market for her didn't do to badly she was happy with the takings anyway. She unfortunately is having to house our mother who is recovering from a hernia operation, which is very tiring for my sister. On top of that her mother-in-law(Nanny Sue) has returned home after being in hospital for 6 months, she has polio and has basically come home to die, there is nothing more they can do for her. It is really sad as Nanny Sue is a lovely lady, very talented despite her disabilities - writes poetry and paints. But to top all this my sister's marriage broke down at the end of the summer, her 'estranged' husband went off with another woman leaving Beverly to run the farm and look after her 2 children single-handed. But Beverly is a grafter and has the help of an Au Pair, my dad and a lovely couple - Julie & Trevor - who help her during the week.
She annouced that I was to 'do' Christmas this year so we are all up the farm to muck in with the turkey deliveries and 'do' dinner.

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meayla said...

how sad that nana sue is near the end of her life....yet how inspuiiring it is that dispite all your hardships at present you are all wonderfully supportive of each other x to have a family as loving as your is worth anything that money can buy x you should be so proud of your strength x love to all of you especially your mum and nana sue x