Monday, 25 July 2011


Checkout the link to this great new website, in celebration she is giving away FABRIC!!!YAYYAYYAY

Sunday, 17 July 2011

In the Blue Shed

This is the image I have used for my new crafting page on facebook
In the Blue Shed
please check it out when you get chance.
This is were I will be showcasing my crafting items and placing them up for sale. I have made a number of Lavender bags, from lavender that Lillian and I picked last weekend and have sold 6 of them already, so really pleased.
I have, up until now 132 likers on my page which is great, I know a few of them are family members but he-ho got to start somewhere. As a result I have done a giveaway, just waiting for the lucky person to contact me.
Well into making sock monkeys at the moment along with a number of other people on Facebook, I was inspired by Liz Wilkinson who happens to be my hairdresser and also has her own crafting page Handmade in Letchworth, her sock monkeys are amazing. Have lots of crafting ideas I want to explore so the summer holidays are going to be very busy!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

More catch-up!!

Well here we are again! what a busy time we have all had with Easter and then the Royal Wedding. It seems strange to be back at work even though it is only a 4-day week this week!
The workshops went well, the girls did well with their patchwork. I have now to just finish them off for them, the plan was for them to finish them the following week but we got so engrossed with making sock monkeys that their patchwork cushions were put on hold. I made a sock frog and it was really good considering I don't do frogs!! I gave it to a work colleague who does like frogs, she loved it!
This last Bank Holiday Monday, I went to Brighton with Beverly her 2 and Sam her au-pair, her friend Becca and 2 of my brood (Adam didn't want to come he had had a full day fishing the day before) I was a bit reluctant to go as the weather forecast was a bit shaky! Anyway off we trundled to Stevenage and caught the train to London and then onto Brighton about 2 hours all in all. It was very bracing and not much sign of sun when we got there. Beverly and I plonked ourselves on a deckchair each and that was it. The sun did try and make an appearance but was a little reluctant. After a while we moved up the beach towards the pier and found a more sheltered spot, the sun did then show it's self but we carried on sitting soaking up the rays despite it being a bit windy. After having some lunch, I was rather disappointed with the meagre sausage and floury chips, we all trundled off to see the Brighton Pavilion I did mention to Beverly that it wasn't that big, I think she was a bit disappointed with that she always got the impression it was on the seafront and was quite big. We then decided to saunter through 'The Lanes' and over the years that has certainly changed from the little nic-nak shops to high class eateries. We went back to the sea-front and found our deckchairs again(we had paid for them until 6pm) and sat for a little longer. We then decided the wind was too cold and made our way, uphill, back to the station. We had to stand until the first stop as it was rather busy. We eventually got to London Bridge and then onto Kings Cross. We managed to get on a train back to Stevenage and got home at about 8.15pm a long but enjoyable day. My face was windburnt from the sun and wind and felt very strange and tight but I wasn't sore, lots of moisturiser to be applied!!!
Back at work now and will be spending the rest of the week with the year 5 and 6 class as the year 3 and 4 class are off on a short residential trip. I am in charge on Friday as the teacher has an important appointment.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


It has been some time since I posted, there is a number of reasons
  • I changed my job - still working in a school
  • My relationship of 17 years was over
  • My sister and I organised a garden party for my mum's 70th birthday
  • I became a 'Gran' to my step-daughters little girl Violette Elizabeth
  • I have had to help my sister with local farmer's markets
  • Lost my crafting mojo!
Anyway think I might be back on track.
I have been attending a weekly craft club and have had lots of inspiration. This coming Saturday I have a table sale at a Mother and Baby nearly new sale, so I have been franticly making cards that I think will sell.
I have also got a children's workshop tomorrow, my Avon lady's girls are coming to sew. We are going to do some patchwork. I have cut all the 'patches' and tacked them to the pattern they have to stitch them together. They are here all day but it is technically only 2 2 hour workshops. I'm acting as her babysitter whilst she visits her mother. I don't mind as they are lovely girls.
Unfortunately my house is not very tidy, which is normal but you can't be a tidy crafter it just doesn't work! Anyway mess is good! that's my opinion and I am sticking too it.
I have many photos to upload of displays I have done at school, I have been given pretty much a free-hand in one of the classes I work in and I love it. A recent display features the cover of the book 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo, we looked at his books during Book Week.
I also run the netball club at school and we recently entered a rural schools tournament, despite coming at the bottom of the group, the girls played extremely well and I was very pleased with their performances; I am now going to arrange more matches for them, with other smaller schools, the only way is up!!