Friday, 24 October 2008

HSM3 and Netball

Have taken my daughter to see HSM3 tonight, thought the cinema would be packed but it wasn't.The film was good though, will probably have to get it when it comes on dvd as she has the others. Then we went to Hatfield to watch the Hertfordshire Netball team play (Mavericks) they won by a very narrow margin 30-24. Always a good game and completely different to how my school team play.
My eldest son has been to see 'Carmen' at Glyndebourne this evening, with his GCSE music, he enjoyed it although it was very long. A good experience for him as well.
Have a busy weekend taking my son to the farm so he can do his bit and then it is my turn on Sunday as I supervise the tearoom last Sunday of the month.

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