Wednesday, 13 April 2011


It has been some time since I posted, there is a number of reasons
  • I changed my job - still working in a school
  • My relationship of 17 years was over
  • My sister and I organised a garden party for my mum's 70th birthday
  • I became a 'Gran' to my step-daughters little girl Violette Elizabeth
  • I have had to help my sister with local farmer's markets
  • Lost my crafting mojo!
Anyway think I might be back on track.
I have been attending a weekly craft club and have had lots of inspiration. This coming Saturday I have a table sale at a Mother and Baby nearly new sale, so I have been franticly making cards that I think will sell.
I have also got a children's workshop tomorrow, my Avon lady's girls are coming to sew. We are going to do some patchwork. I have cut all the 'patches' and tacked them to the pattern they have to stitch them together. They are here all day but it is technically only 2 2 hour workshops. I'm acting as her babysitter whilst she visits her mother. I don't mind as they are lovely girls.
Unfortunately my house is not very tidy, which is normal but you can't be a tidy crafter it just doesn't work! Anyway mess is good! that's my opinion and I am sticking too it.
I have many photos to upload of displays I have done at school, I have been given pretty much a free-hand in one of the classes I work in and I love it. A recent display features the cover of the book 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo, we looked at his books during Book Week.
I also run the netball club at school and we recently entered a rural schools tournament, despite coming at the bottom of the group, the girls played extremely well and I was very pleased with their performances; I am now going to arrange more matches for them, with other smaller schools, the only way is up!!