Sunday, 21 December 2008


I was helping my sister yesterday at one of the farmers markets that I do for her and got back to the farm to off load the produce, I rattled the barn door which they promply opened. My son stuck his head out and said 'Hi mum' I said Hi back and noticed my sister standing by the door, or who I thought was my sister when the door completely opened the lady standing there was my other sister Dawn who now lives in the back of beyond in France, between Beverly(farm sister) and Dawn(France sister) they had planned for her to come over to bring her son to see his dad(very complicated family and a long story).
What a wonderful surprise I couldn't say anything for nearly 10 minutes I just cried and hugged her as I haven't seen her for nearly 18mths. My mum didn't know either so the scenario was repeated later.
We are going to have a lovely Christmas this year particularly as it has been 10 years since my niece and older sister(aunt and niece) died.
I will hopefully get photos and upload them at a later date - probably put them on Facebook.

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