Friday, 14 November 2008


Yesterday(Friday) I went to the NEC along with my friend Jan. I drove using her car as she has RA. It took us just on 2 hours to get there and we had a really smooth journey to Birmingham. The show hadn't even opened when we got there! The doors eventually opened and we went in I had places I wanted to go and so did Jan so we split up and said we would meet at 11. I bought an embroidery kit I wanted and and a number of other things I had listed. Then stopped at Joanna Sheen and watched one of her girls demoing. Whilst there she said she would put our names in a hat and draw out one to win one of her cards and guess what my name came out. I now have a very lovely card.
Anyway the day went on with Jan and I meeting up and then going to do more shopping in the Crafts for Christmas hall Jan could have bought everything but she was very good and resisted.
I did a lot of the carry for Jan as she was beginning to wane so by 3pm we decided to go. This is where the problem was we got onto the M42 and needed to get to the M6 but there was no signs for the M6 but there was a sign for London which meant going on the M40 so we did!!! we ended up taking 3 hours to get home instead of about 2 what wallies we were but anyway we had a good day. I crossed 6 counties with the journey home.

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wam73 said...

Thanks for this comment, Nice to know abit about the show. I'm going tomorrow. This is my first time to any craft show and i'm really excited. x